Sunday, June 1, 2008

A pet crow for two days.

My across the street neigbour found a baby crow the other day ... baby is a bad word for the thing, even when young those buggers are huge.
He figured it had probably fallen from a nest, it didn't fly at any rate. Seeing as the neighbourhood is full of cats, he decided to take it in untill it could get airborne, animal protection doesn't take in crows, they're hardly an endangered species, nature must take its -often brutal- course after all.

So said neighbour took it in, and the crow instantly develloped a bond with him. The moment he let it out of it's "cage" (a cat carrier, which works as well to keep cats in as it does keeping them out), the bird would scramble towards him and try to scale his schoulder, where it would sit and look about.

Crows are very social creatures, with family ties and hierarchy ... they know eachother, become partial to eachother and look after their friends and family.
Crows are also some of the most intellignet birds on the planet, especially the species that have managed to adapt to urban life. Develloping the ability to understand traffic lights to safely use cars to crush nuts, bending twigs and using them as tools to get worms out of holes ...

It should not have come a surprise that yesterday, two adult crows appeared in my neighbours back yard. Sitting in a tree, or circeling overhead and diving towards his head, never really attacking, likely due to the presence of a non-corporate fatcat in the yard. If my neighbours account is correct, their wings spanned two feet wide, mayestic creatures.
The neighbour went back inside, and came out with the little crow on his shoulder. Not long after, the little one flapped his wings, and flew off with his (presumably) parents.

All is now back the way it should be, nature is a beautiful thing.

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