Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back from Grasspop

There was internet in the festival area, a booth set up for advertising an ADSL subscription, slow as a slug, and not a bullet at that. My connection to blogspot crapped out on me, so I'm finishing this post here.

Judas priest was AWESOME! Rob Halford rose up from underneath the stage to break out in "I am Nostradamus", followed up immediately by "metal gods" for good measure. They played a great deal of their classics (the hell patrol, painkiller, the ripper, the green manalishi, ... I loved the entire thing.

Sabaton was great too, I managed to get a spot directly up against the fence, next to a bunch of fanatic Swedish (?) fans. One of those guys asked me if I was ready for some hardcore Swedish power metal. I said yes, but soon I found out I was wrong: nothing could have prepared me for what would follow. The lead singer sure is a piece of work ... "Let's talk about ... sex! Lets talk about (grabs groin) my penis! This is: the rise of evil!"
As you can see, the song is really about the origins of the nazi party. Don't worry, with lyrics going: "A former prisoner, with a vision or delusion" and "who will stop the madmans reign" it should be clear that the band does NOT look back kindly on these people.

He gave a nice speech about the battle of the Westerplatte, before kicking off the song: fourty to one. This touched me, because I'd visited the site when I was in Poland. It's a strange thing, but not unheard of in military history ... the Spartans who were describe in the film 300, the Russian invasion of Finland ... people fighting from a defensible position are the absolute worst opponent to ever attack.

I could go on for hours about KISS, Iron Maiden, and all the other great bands I saw from up close, but now I'll just get back to my normal blogging.

If you're interested in seeing what went down:

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