Sunday, June 8, 2008

Current events in the UK: start snitchin'!

And what a week it has been!
Welcome once again to the gun debate critic on sunday, casting a glance at the other side of the ocean. This weeks editions contains a high amount of recent devellopments, as well as a rather humorous story of how the police "surrounded" and stormed a house ... read on.

There's been a lot of activity on the "knife control" front, for god reason! A huge rally of knife control proponents was supposed to be adressed by gun-control activist Pat Regan, unfortunately she had been stabbed to death earlier this week. I suppose this -in a way- makes as strong a point as she could have made by being there in person.

After the "succesful" implementation of knife detectots on the streets, calls are being made to install knife arches at schools as well, to which the teachers replied (and I imagine): "but we don't want to disarms these kids, we'll get stabbed! If you see how those same kids have no reservations when it comes to beating a policeman can you blame them? One such kid has been charged with 11 assaults!

Another manner by which people are trying to curb violence, is by countering the underground "stop snitching" campaign by a "start snitching" project of their own, offering up to £1000 (that's two grand for y'all yanks) to kids who succesfully rat out a violent criminal.
I can only imagine the memories evoked in the lucky few who managed to escape the USSR or the DDR, societies halfly built around giving up information on percieved political undersirables.

Staying in line with StatSi doctrine: a compulsory national ID scheme is being called a threat to privacy by citizens rights groups, the usual rhetoric by both parties continues as the general population doesn't even look up from their game of footy and their desigated patch of pasture.

And on a -this isn't funny, but still I'm laughing- note: the police laid siege on a building said to contain men with weapons, according to an informant. However, when police finally stormed the place after a prolongued long standoff, they found it unoccupied. Claiming they have no reson to doubt their witness, the police assume the criminals must have fled out the back ... of a house which police claim they had surrounded ... (excuse me, I'm having diffculties controlling my laughter)

On to this weeks body count then:
There's been one fatal stabbing in a London nightclub. Someoen else was also stabbed to death. A young man has attacked a LEO with a knife, injuring him severely. A teenager was stabbed to death, a woman asphyxiated. And if you think it's all serious, there's been a drive-by bludgeoning with a brick! ... wait, that's serious too, the victim washurt pretty badly ...

70 people were arrested on (or in relation to) drug charges.

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