Sunday, June 1, 2008

Current events in the UK

Welcome once again to the gun debate critic on sunday, when I like to continue the tale of a country that essentially banned guns, the united kingdom. It's a tale of violence and bloodshed, a tale that goes on, today ...

Despite the ban on actual guns, restrictions on guns that don't work, replica guns and toy guns, there has been an incident where a man threatened the residents of a house with a rifle, he has been charged with "possessing a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence". There's been actual firearm homicides, here's the second one.

The biggest problem however is knife crime, and not just knifes but sharp objects of all kinds are being used to gut, stab and kill children and adults alike.
"A spate" (=3) of people have been injured in a sword attack, Two children were stabbed to death, One taxi driver got stabbed by a robber, two women were killed after possibly being raped, new confirms one was stabbed to death, a stabbing victim was found on a beach ... the list goes on and one.

Didn't some group of people, often referred to as "gun nuts" predict this increase in knife crime as guns got banned?

Police are continuing their streak of succesfull drug raids, arresting dozens of people and confiscating drugs. This article suggests they should consider raiding a couple of prisons as well, as more and more drugs turn up on the inside of the prison system.

At least nobody got firebombed this week ...

Love is hate, peace is war and people bleeding out on the beaches after being stabbed by a mugger is security.

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Badthing1 said...

Hello Michael,

It is deeply troubling to me to hear of all of this violence the UK is experiencing. :(

I fully realize that it is not only guns that contribute to this, however. No, encompasses SOOO much more than that. This being said, I am relieved that guns are not as easily attainable to UK subjects as they are to US citizens, for if they were I wouldn't even want to THINK about the escalating violence and bloodshed that has been going on here in America.

This is precisely why as an advocate of non-violence, I try to reach parents/guardians/caretakers/educators/teenagers/children and anyone who is interested in creating a less violent existence via the raising of children in a more loving, caring and responsible way.

In this manner we shape our children's personalities by raising them from infancy to think as well as act in as non-violent a way as possible, in the hope that they will grow up with the intrinsic feelings of becoming more loving, compassionate, respectful and tolerant people who will not turn to violence as a natural act.

Peace, Love, Understanding and Respect,