Sunday, June 15, 2008

Current events in the UK

Once again, it has not been a peaceful week across the pond.

Headlining is the shooting of a 16 year old girl ... well, it would be headlining if them peekers hadn't lost a stack of classified documents on the train ... again.

Either way, a 16 year old girl was shot by a 19 year old assailant in the city that is being dubbed "Gunchester", despite the 13 million dollar effort to enforce the anti-gun laws (this is in addition to the normal police costs)

Another person was shot, this one died. Police are visibly patrolling the area and canvasing the neighbourhood in search of information, and to show the people that they really do investigate these matters. No suspect has been named or arrested, police are appealing to the publuic to do their work for them ... to pass on any useful information.

A suspicious object was found after a big bang was heard, no clues what happened just yet.

There's been an assault with a knife, (aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for those south of Canada), a kid was seriously injured when he was attacked with a brick. A violent criminal, serving time for assault was allowed some leave from his sentence, but did not return. Police are currently carrying out a manhunt.

Not quite peacefull, but there was less violnce in this weeks sunday paper.
Maybe the hitheads were all somewhere else? (listen to the titles explaination here)

I prefer the Megadeth version(s) actually:

Motley crew does it too!

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