Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mexican military drug dealers ...

Now there's a phrase to blasted off my WTF missile ... Mexican military drug dealers ... got a sound to it, double alliteration right there ... no seriously, what?!

Just because they hump around in tac-black body armor (along with a thousands of internet commando's and tacticool airsofters alike), that doesn't make them "military" ... a squad of properly trained soldiers doesn't fire off a hundred round, killing only one, and then make a run for it.

So now police are complaining that they are "outgunned" by these villains. Thank god nobody told that to said criminals, I doubt they would have made such an effort to avoid capture, if they'd realized they could have just "hosed down" the cops with their superior firepower.

Aforementioned police officers now want better equipment, new uniforms and -I can only guess- a shrubbery

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