Friday, April 25, 2008

Another couple of pipe-bombs

Explosives have been in te news recently when a kid got caught ordering some ammonium nitrate.
Now some people have used a pipe-bomb to attack a FedEx building, and another device was found on scene.

I've always said this, and I'll repeat myself: the internet is riddeled with information about making explosives, some of which is accurate. For the sake of controversy, here's a clip of somebody shooting an exploding pyrotechnical device out of a mortar that screws onto his home-made shotgun:

The author, outsider1, has released a lot of videos featuring his improvised firearms. The device he shoots out of his "weapon" in the video is a relatively harmless device, but could easely be produced as a destructive device.

Can we rid the world of guns and explosives? No we cannot! We must deal with those willing to harm other people instead!

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