Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yesterdays post continued.

Yesterday I wrote about schools which were/felt threatened.

Today I'll go on about a boy who claims that being bullied drove him to wanting to kill someone, he put knife to the troath of a girl he didn't even really knew, and ended up plotting to take his class hostage, to end his life with a "suicide-by-cop"

And not just some postings on myspace or a note in the bathroom. He was all geared up with a backpack containing (amongst others) duct tape, rope and a gun which he was going to use to his end. His parents called it in, he was arrested and spent some time in juvie. He's now out again, but still facing charges for terrorism, kidnapping and aggravated assault.

Care to play the blame game?
The bullies, the teachers who didn't see it, the parents who didn't notice it, the company that made the duct tape, knife and gun? The kid himself?
No? Ok.

Me, I hope the ruling judge seds this kid off to get help.

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