Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cyberarmy to the rescue?

I previousy wrote two about beatings captured on camera. (first, second)

Now ABC is running a story on this subject as well, the interviewed Parry Aftab, head of Wired Safety, an organization dedicated to combating Internet abuses such as these fight videos.

He suggest things like people monitoring websites, and removing undesired content and he is -in my humble opinion- an utter and complete failure at his jobs.
Parry, no offence, but there already is an army deidicated to keeping the web cut to the shape they want, and they are not nice people! Oh what, you tought I meant the Chinese? :p

In all seriousness, trying to remove something from the net is futile! It cannot be done. Before the age of remote servers, FTP databases and bittorents, then it was hard already, now? Not a snowballs chance in hell! Removing videos from youtube and myspace, sure, but that won't make them dissapear.
You can stop the messanger and all that jazz you know.

Why don't you suggest investing in a better educational system?

Think of the children!

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