Sunday, April 13, 2008

Current events in the UK

Hello everybody, welcome once again here on the gun debate critic on sunday, glimpsing across the pond at the global example for gun control activists: the united kingdom.

Little time to waste here, let's get going:
There's been one drive-by shooting, leaving a man injured by pellts (birdshot?) in his neck. Another man was shot in the legs in front of his kids in what looks like a para-militairy attack. Another couple of criminals used guns to rob a shop, threathening to kill the cashier.
Another armed robbery on a pub by men armed with blunt implements left no injured, thank God.

Still, there were some fatalities; a 16 year old kid was stabbed to death, four have been charged. A man died a good month after being assaulted.
And this weeks taker of the cake: a kid who was attacked by a gang of 17 armed with -amongst others- swords. Other weapons included were baseball bats, knives and a bicycle chain. The victim died from a stab to his heart.

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