Thursday, April 24, 2008

It - does -not - work.

Remember me saying that I oppose gun control because it is a waste of time and rescources?

Sayuncle linked me to a study that corroberates my point.

I'm tempted to say "prove", but I've been arguing with a little cutesie on the other side of the fence about proper statistical practice. Just because gun control has been a failure in Australia, and an utter and complete failure in the UK, doesn't PROVE that it wont work in the US as well, but we should stop to think about it anyway. Chances are it might not work here either.

Yes I know, Chicago, DC, ... those aren't good enough "experiments" to allow one to say that gun control can't work. I for one actually believe that it can work, just not that we can make it work. On top of that, it is an avenue I am disenclined to take, as I favor measures that actually work, like education and better welfare.

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