Thursday, April 17, 2008

Molotov everything

Once again, a person with poor impulse control has turned to manufacturing a firebomb, and attempted to kill somebody by setting fire to an inhabited building.

You can read the story here.

So stunning! It's illegal to manufacture destructive devices and/or firebombs, how could she have done this!
Well, the war on drugs has taught us that simply banning drugs doesn't work, so we must ban drug precursors as well. So, it is clear that we must ban gasoline and breakable bottles to prevent people from manufacturing molotovs! Didn't it end up working out great for methamphetamine?

on another note, the agressor is being charged with:

  1. attempted homicide-domestic violence
  2. arson of an occupied dwelling (two counts)
  3. manufacturing a firebomb.

Clearly, passing a lot of laws that make multiple aspects of a crime punishable is a great deterrent! (not). Where have we seen this before?

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