Saturday, April 5, 2008

wut wut in the butt butt?

In a life-imitating-art string of events, an 11 y/o boy find himself in a tight spot, getting suspended for quoting lines from the show "south park". Title is strickly for giggles, I do not know exactly what he said. It is a song from the latest south park episode however, I believe it is plausible to think this is something three girls might take offence to.

The "life imitating art" remark goes out -could it be anything else- south park episode 306, where sexual harassement panda speaks out against sexual comments on school grounds, which results in a string of lawsuits.

If you'd like to see these episodes, head on over to south park studios to watch any episode you want for free, legally to the best of my knowledge.

What bothered me ever so slightly was the PSH attitude of one of the moms.

  • "I want to know specifically what will be done to ensure that my daughter is not exposed to further harm by this boy."
Why just by the boy? What about the news? The internet? Books? Music? All of them are riddeled with material that might be harmfull to your kid, what should the world do to prevent these things from harming your child?

Might I suggest a snifter of reality and 50 mg of a sense of humour after breakfast? Congratulations, you've just found out that the world isn't the exact place you want it to be. Don't like it? Tough luck! The world isn't just not perfect and not fair, chances are, the world will not be something you like in its entirety!
What's the biggest wrong? People demanding that said world around them changes to fit their wills and desires. That applies to guns as much as education and anything else! Works both ways too!

Can you imagine how haywire they would have gone if the kid had sung this song*?

*caution, contains language of sexually explicit nature that may be offensive to those easely shocked or religious. Should not be listened to by anybody.

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