Friday, April 11, 2008

Beatings caught on camera

Not a recent devellopment unfortunately. People have been spreading word and image of their "altracations" for centuries. So relatively speaking the current technology is recent: the internet, and cellphones equipped with digital cameras.

The application? Capturing an assault on tape, and spreading it around. Not a fragment of "the brave one"'s fictional scripts, but a hard fact that we deal with today. There was an event like that in Baltimore just then; a student beat up an arts teacher, the attack was captured on cam and put up on myspace.
The media's making a big case out of the attack on a young girl, carried out by eight teenagers who filmed the entire thing and put it up on the net for everybody to see.
What sets this case apart is that the perps carried out the attack just for the sake of putting the clip up on the net, instant celebert-e.

Where dies this leaves us? While society is being indoctrinated in the ways of being sheep, another element glorifies violence and seeks fame in the violent attacks against peacible folks in order to spread those images.
If you don't see a recipe for disaster here, you need to spend some time thinking about this!

Cho carried out his attack knowing in advance what kind of media attention he would get, as did all the other school shooters, mall shooters, postal shooters, ... The media (and me too now) are giving them what they want, spreading word of their exploits of violence forth.
Devellopments like this in youth culture are a direct threath to both our immediate security, as well as the future of said youth and the future of the entire nation in the long run! We cannot allow this destructive attention-seeking behavior to continue!

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