Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ABC about guns in Mexico

You've all heard the PSH before, but this is getting vomit indicing!

From the latest ABC story on how US guns are ending in in the hands of Mexican criminals. Oh how they like to talk about gun shops and "gun shows" without ever providing any solid numbers or sources. Nothing new I suppose. Ahab gave that avenue a proper trashing some time back.

What got to me was this little video they had up. Anybody who dibbels in the matter knows that a "bulletproof vest" will not work when simply hung in the air, this is why they are pressed against ballistic gelatin for testing purposes. For political purposes however, it's perfectly acceptable to simply hang it against a piece of cardboard, and claim that the gun being used to shoot through the vest is a horribly powerful weapon.

Said weapon? Once again, the evil black Belgian Five-seveN pistol. Yes, armor piercing rounds are available for that handgun, but not to civillians, neither is that friggen machine gun they use to tear up a car in the end of the vid. That's right, a genuine fully automatic, belt fed machine gun!
Watch the footage here.


Justin Buist said...

Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I thought vests were placed against clay (not gel) to determine the depth of the temporary cavity created when the bullet struck? Just because a vest stops the bullet from penetrating doesn't mean it's doing its job, hence the clay test.

Not that I have any problem with the FiveseveN going through armor. Law Enforcement, meet Physics. Physics, this is Law Enforcement. Once you two get acquainted we'll head on over to Supply & Demand's office to talk about the drug trade.

The Duck said...

Gee...sounds like the early 90's again

Michael Hawkins said...

Clay and balistic gel. are basically the same for vest-testing purposes, where gel lets you examine the wound trackt better, shows clay the effects of the impact better.

BG, being factory made, gives more consistent results, but clay is dirt cheap in comparison, so depending on who you ask (the scientist of the person paying the bill), one of them will get praised to heaven.