Sunday, April 6, 2008

Current events in the UK

Welcome once more to the gun debate critic on sunday, where I illustrate how a policy of strict gun control has not managed to rid the united kingdom of violent crime.

It should be noted that while I limit myself to doing this only once a week, I do not review the entire week, just the sunday papers. If you'd like to take a glimpse on just how bad the situation is on this side of the pond, check out this page. It is a chronological list of BBC articles concerning stabbing. This page lists shootings, gang activity can be seen here.

The following articles are from the BBC's sunday edition website.

One man was discovered at a garbage (think landfill), injured. Despite the paramedics efforts, the man died due to yet-to-be-determined injuries. A senior citizen was stabbed to death by a youth. Another man was stabbed as he tried to capture a trespasser. Yet another one was stabbed following a disturbance, and another one after a row in a bookies office

A woman is being charged with 60 different offences regarding arson, twice she tried to kill somebody.

Police arrested a teen suspected to have been involved in a gang-inspired drive-by shooting which left one person dead. No real guns for the two criminals who robbed a shop; but when police came to arrest them, a crowd of people attacked the cops, hurling rocks and other objects at them.

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