Sunday, April 20, 2008

There is no true escape, I'm watching all the time.

Closing down the sunday edition, I'm reading the wired webpage, and spot a monument to my subculture:
Screaming for vengeance by Judas priest makes the news on wired.

How? It's become available to those who play the game "rock band". I myself don't dibble in consoles, but I -obviously- own the album in question (the remasters version), and love it! Yet, I am instilled with the hope that some kids might at long last realize: they just don't make music like this no more.

(/rocks out to "fever")

Sometimes I think my generation is lost ... I was about to write a whole lot about the demise of lusic during the 90's /slash/ new millenium, including a link to toy box' "best friend" but then I put on "devils child", which turned out to be a fatal mistake (ouch my whiplash, ouch).
In closing: the youth of today is still being given exposure to proper music, I owe much gratitude to rockstars games myself, for introducing me to Judas Priest and Megadeth.

If you've got kids: Hard rock and heavy metal are far more "wholseme" than contemporary music. Exempt: the holograms!


jason said...

Don't forget Iron Maiden!! Just found your site--love the what's happening in the UK column. Did you see the articles where they are contmeplating the banning of kitchen knives and fire extinguishers?

Michael Hawkins said...

Yes I did, I've written tidbits about it here and there.
It's not an issue limited to gun/weapon legislation. People often get hellbent on pushing their ideas, even if they've been failing.

The willingness to abandon an initial doctrine in favor of the people is rarely seen. One of the most notable examples otherwise was Lenins NEP policy.