Sunday, April 27, 2008

TSA screener who smuggled a gun into the airport is still on the job

Shamelessly copied from boingboing:

  • A Denver TSA employee who brought a handgun to the airport and passed it around the metal detector is still on the job. The TSA won't say if he's been disciplined -- or how -- for doing this stupid thing that would land any of the rest of us in Gitmo for a decade's worth of stress-positioning. Of course, we can't expect TSA screeners to be held to the same legal standard as the rest of us -- since they work for the security administration, then everything they do, by definition, must be good for security.


Anonymous said...

It may be of interesting note that the vast majority of people who get caught trying to bring guns through airport checkpoints are actually police officers. They become complacent over time and "forget" where they put their weapons. I have yet to see one be arrested for it or lose their jobs either.

theotherryan said...