Sunday, April 27, 2008

They decieve ...

Another blogger has put up his latest piece of BS, supposedly linking liberal gun-legislation to a high murder rate.
Look and behold! Here's a couple of states with a high murder rate, and liberal gun laws, and look there, these couple of states with strict gun laws have a lower murder rate! Isn't the pattern obvious?

This is once again, improper statistical practice, and wrong as well in this case. I've long sought for correlations and patterns, comparing crime rates to gun laws and gun ownership, only to come up empty time and time again. (see for yourself if you wish)
Crime rates do not compare well amongst eachother (Rape/burglary/murder ratio for example). Crime rates are effected far more by economical factors than by gun laws (which criminals break).

So Here's what I wrote in resposne to "riceman"
  • How unexpected that you leave states like south Dakota, Minnesota, New Mampshire and Nebreska out. Those don't quite fit your profile, do they? Murder rates on the very low side, but Shall issue with little to no purchase restrictions.
My apologies to the residents of Washington state, as well as the other freedom-lovers who coexist peacefully, if you wish I add your state to the list, please let me know.

Don't be fooled by misleading statistics and "studies" that look at a whopping total of 10 (ten!) states.
Get the facts for yourself. I strongly reccomend every entry from my reccomended reading post.
Here's the CBS study, my posts on facts and my highlighted posts.

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