Monday, April 21, 2008

School bombing foiled.

A student was found out to be plotting an attack against his school.
He had solid plans, mapped out the campus and was in posession of ten pounds of ammonium nitrate according to ABC news.

Look, I've been over this before: shootings are just one way for a massacre to happen. Somebody bent in destruction may very well turn to arson or explosives, or poison or anything else that can be used as a weapon.

Should we make schools "explosives free" as well? Run random explosive swabs on the doorhandles of cars parked on campus property perhaps? It may give a false positive on people who've been handeling chili pickling, fertilizer or ceramics supplies. But hey ... if we have to give up home-ec, arts and crafts and landscaping as the price we pay for our childrens safety, that's worth it right!

Or maybe, just maybe, we could start to actually raise our kids? The parents of this would-be-bomber were the ones who informed the police. They did the right thing IMO, and I hope their son gets the help he needs, wherever he's going.

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