Thursday, April 24, 2008

Students discount on guns?

ABC is headlining an alledged "students discount" that the online gun dealer TGSCOM will be offering in hopes of building defensive capabilities amongst the student body of American highschools and universities.

A students discount exists only in ABC's biased mind however, as Thompson (the owner) will be selling guns at cost to everybody who is elegible for gun ownership. I guess "student discount" just sounds scarier. Seeing as only a tiny percentage of all guns sold ends up in criminal hands, the guns sold under these provisions should primarely are the law abiding population. His websites have provided equipment to two separate school shooters, but now Thompson claims he wants to do something to help the survivors:

  • "The next news story I want to be involved in is how I sold a firearm to someone who helped stop a mass murderer. By forgoing a profit, I hope to help give law-abiding citizens the tools to prevent tragedy,"

The Brady campain is of course saying that these actions are insensitive and profit-oriented. That Thompson first armed the criminals, and is now preying on the fear of the law abiding to boost his sales. This fits of course perfectly in the scheme of selling guns at cost; Peter Hamm needs to put his fist in his mouth more often if you ask me.

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