Sunday, April 27, 2008

Current events in the UK

Let's get this weeks edition going shall we?

As often before, I start off with a bit of mystery: Yet another man was killed in a way yet to be specified, but his assasin has been found, and charged this time 'round!

A $50 000 drug bust gets this petty article, as if it's just a minor footnotes in todays crime-soaked world. Oh tempora o mores you say? This story about a woman raped in a public place gets even less of an article!
There's been some use of firebombs in the past few weeks, but now a pipe-bomb has been used to attack a building inhabited by an elderly couple.

As for stabbings, a man was stabbed in the neck outside of a pub (déjà vu like primed epoxy) and two kids have been charged with murder after stabbing a man to death.

To commemorate the death of a girl who was killed for her adherance to a subculture, authorities have built a bench. I suppose it is good to do more than just punish the murderers, which was also done here.

I'm ending today's post on a good note. Blood spilled and life lost, but still a good note. A man who attacked a perceived burglar was cleared of charches. The "burglar" was a neighbour who just got off a 12 hour drink-'n-drugs binge, and forced his way into the wrong house, thinking it was his. The homeowner was deemed to have used reasonable force.

All is not lost!

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