Saturday, April 26, 2008

Strippers club not an offensive weapon.

Stripper as in a man who takes off his clothes and dances for money.
Club as in the truncheon (or nightstick for y'all yanks) that is part of his outfit, he dressed as a policeman.

What the devil am I talking about?
Well, this story takes us back some, it takes place in obnoxious Oceania where we lay our scene, a place where toy swords need to be locked away and policemen lose faith in the justice system.

The story all started on the 26th of april, 2007, when two policemen spotted a fellow wearing an outfit much like theirs in the streets. When they confronted the man, he said he was a student of matters genetical who danced around without his clothes to supplement his income. The real policemen then watched the show the man put up in a pub, before hauling him off downtown, to charge him with several offences, including the posession of offensive weapons and wearing a police unifom as seen in the picture to the left.

By december however, the lad was cleared of all charges, namely three different weapon charges for two batons and a can of defensive airosol spray. It was decided that the stripper had "reasonable excuse" to be in posession of these items. I don't suppose he slept calm for long, as little longer than a week after it was reported that the prosecution would be appealing the dismissal of charges.

Today however, it has once more been decided that the penal system has better things to do than bug this student any further.
In retrospect, I can only decide that this entire matter has been a waste of both private funds, as well as taxpayer money and court-time. Honestly, the courts can't seem to put real criminals behind bars, so they go after students like this kid?

For shame lord!

Note: the bold lettering in this posts means in no way to insinuate that British policemen are gay men, or pervy women. However I can say that the officers in question are a pair of wankers, regardless of their gender.

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